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UP NOW Costa Blanca 

UP NOW Costa Blanca Is Connecting International Communities with Businesses and Attractions in a unique way through our local TV channel and Web TV. It is a website dedicated to helping your business connect with International Communities. Both those living on Costa Blanca and those visiting here. 

The series called: “Costa Blanca – The Place to Live & Visit” is a new concept that allows us to tell a story about the Costa Blanca towns through the people that live and work here.

This documentary film series helps to promote the Costa Blanca towns and businesses to the International Community living in, and interested in the area.
These documentaries are aired on International, Local TV Channels reaching International residents and visitors and the worldwide audience via online channels.
Would you like your town to be next? Would you like your business to be featured?
We feature only one business per type, and every participant is a sponsor of the film.

Have you seen the documentaries in the UP NOW series “Costa Blanca – The Place to Live & Visit”? 

Click below to watch our first documentary in the series and this one is about Albir:

Click here to watch more documentaries from this Playlist on YouTube.


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