Torben Thøger

  is a Danish filmmaker, composer, songwriter, recording artist and music producer. Torben has been living in the area of Altea on the Costa Blanca in Spain since 2008.

Filmmaking is a major part of his working life. He creates and produces documentaries, music videos, commercials and corporate films. Torben has developed his own unique documentary style of presentation films for businesses.
Torben also creates original music in various genres for film, television, musicals and multimedia. He has released several CD albums with both instrumental music and songs. Some of his CD’ has been on top of the charts in the United States.
He is the CEO of Torben Thoger Production. His clients include Danish television DR, Education Minister of Denmark, TDC, Cadbury plc, LVMH Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton S.A. and Solgården AS.
Torben is the founder of TVA10, a Scandinavian Info Channel that has developed into the UP NOW Costa Blanca Channel.

"Torben Thoger Productions" creates, produces and promotes music and film.

CLICK HERE to watch a Scandinavian speaking film about how your presentation film could be.

Click the photo above to watch YouTube films created and produced by Torben.
Choose a playlist. Many genres in English, Danish, Norwegian and Spanish.


TVA10 has developed into
 UP NOW Costa Blanca:

UP NOW Costa Blanca Is Connecting International Communities with Businesses and Attractions in a unique way through our local TV channel and Web TV. It is a website dedicated to helping your business connect with International Communities. Both those living on Costa Blanca and those visiting here.

UP NOW Costa Blanca creates documentary style films that uniquely present your business to the International audiences. Why documentary style films? Read more ...

LIVE MORE is a different film about Costa Blanca in Spain
This is about what to explore on Costa Blanca. Torben Thoger produced the film for Notar Spania​ and
Move Your Association​ (MYA) he and did the filmings together with Thomas Wendel​.
Torben also created and edited the music and the film itself. Enjoy:

☼  Watch Torben's Sun-Documentary here!  ☼

It is in Norwegian language and you can choose
either Norwegian, Danish or Spanish subtitles

In this 30 minute documentary, Torben has asked renowned scientists what it is the sun
and the warmth is doing to us, and unanswered questions about Vitamin-D are being investigated.
He visited the Norwegian colony on the Costa Blanca in Spain and asked some of the thousands of
Norwegians why they live here. He has also been at the largest Norwegian school outside Norway and
we experience the interesting history of Solgården. The holiday and health centre sees itself as a kind
of help organization that for more than 40 years has welcomed seniors, families and mentally disabled,
who long for the sun.The language is Norwegian and you can choose subtitles in Danish, Norwegian or Spanish.
Torben has created and produced it himself, which means that everything except for a few things like
narration and some of the played instruments and subtitling, he has had his heart and hands on.

After a successful premiere in a theatre in L'Alfas del Pi in the province of Alicante in Spain 2014, the
documentary is now public, which means that you are very welcome to share the documentary with others.

Click here for more information and photos about the documentary


Click here to know more about Torben's LATEST ALBUM RELEASE:

Indian Summer - Rhythmic Yoga Tunes


A catchy rock ballad - Watch the music video here!

it is a love song with meaningful lyrics.
Torben looks back on his life with his family:

Download the song from iTunes, CD Baby or others.



Torben Thoger's album release "Songs about Love and Oneness" with
18 new songs are especially created to enlighten and raise your energy vibration.
Click below to know more and watch a video presentation, which is also a
documentary about Torben's music and how music increases our vibration.

Another 5 albums by Torben Thoger, with music in the new age music genre, called
"Akasha", "Harmony", "The Present", "Primavera" and "The Golden Age"
are released Worldwide and his music has been on top of the charts in the USA and India.
All music on the albums is composed, arranged and produced by Torben Thoger.
The Danish composer and artist lives permanently in Spain. Read more: Biography.
As a filmmaker Torben produces corporate promotional films,
commercials, documentaries
and music videos.

On this website you can listen to Torben Thoger's music and watch his music videos, corporate films etc.

The music albums and tracks are available in both CD and in downloadable mp3 format.
Buy it in music stores or on the Internet from Torben's own store or at other worldwide
online stores and download sites. You will find the links below.

If you need original music or filming for any production, contact Torben Thoger.
Click the logos below to go to the sites to listen,
to buy CD's or to download tracks and albums:




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    # 1, 2 and 3 slot on the New Age Music chart is still taken by Torben on SongVault. Click the link!

Danish composer and artist Torben Thoger now lives in Spain.
He enjoys international success with his beautiful and powerful new age music.
As a filmmaker he produces documentaries, corporate films and music videos.

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